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Allergy-Test (Prick, Rub, Scrach, i.c.)   By using the tests we try to identify the trigger-substance(s) (allergens) for allergic reactions. It takes 20-30 minutes. The skin has to be slightly ...


Lungenfunktion test are only practicable in an age of more than 4-5 years. Also allergy tests don´t make sense under a certain age. In very young children taking the medical history and the physical examination ...

Rhinomanometry / Nasal provocation test

... before a “Specific Immune Therapy” (SIT / Hyposensibilisation) is initated a undoubted clinical relevance of positive results of allergy-skin-tests have to be proven. For this rhinomanometries are done ...

Pneumologist Munich

... allergy-tests, bronchoscopy, and sleep-apnea-diagnostic. I will personally dicuss and chose the therapeutical options that fits best together with the patient. The treatment of allergies with “specific ...


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