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Pneumologist Munich

Lungdoctor Munich • chest-medicine • allergology
environmental medicine • sleep-apnea-diagnostics

Praxis Dr. Rudolf Schnell

Neuhauser Str. 15,80331 München
My praxis is located central in downtown Munich
+49 89 225911

Opening hours

Mon., Thu.  8 - 12 am and 3 - 5:30 pm
Tue. 9 - 12 am and 3 - 5:30 pm
Wed., Fr. 9 - 12 am

Virtual Visit to the Practice

Of course, there is no "virtual visit" in real life.

Of course, there is no "virtual visit" in real life.

With these pages, I would like to show you how a visit to my practice usually works, so that you are prepared.

During this "virtual visit" your health problems are not discussed and no examinations can be conducted. It only illustrates a visit to my surgery, the examinations and tests which might be necessary in your case.

After "check-in", recording of the medical history, physical examination, necessary tests and diagnostic procedures are carried out (see "diagnostic procedures"). Finally, results and further steps are discussed.

Recording of the Medical History (Anamnesis):

At the beginning of the diagnostic process, the doctor tries to get an overview of the present complaints, their chronology, related diseases and previous therapies by a comprehensive talk with the patient or - in some cases - with relatives. If relevant, the medical history of the family, present and former professions/employments, social conditions and allergies are taken into account.
You can facilitate this by preparing notes about previous diseases and operations at home, before your appointment. A list of your previous and present medication including the dosage is also very helpful.

If there are any recent or older X-rays or CT-scans of the chest or written reports, you should have them with you, if possible. Former medical reports are also important.
Assessing the medical history can yield vital information. Diagnostic steps can only be arranged afterwards.

Physical examination:

After assessing the medical history, the physical examination is done by percussion and auscultation. The focus lies on the respiratory and the cardiovascular system. Here, the best known medical device, the stethoscope, is used.

If necessary, other organ systems are also examined.

Discussing results and planning therapy:

After all necessary diagnostic procedures are completed, the results are explained and discussed with the patient. Questions can be asked at this point.

Afterwards, the required medication and therapy are chosen and explained. If inhalation devices are prescribed, you will be instructed in the correct use. If necessary, a further appointment for control is arranged. Only very rarely we cannot carry out all examinations in the course of the first appointment at my practice.

Checklist for your visit to my practice:

You can prepare for your visit to the practice, facilitate doctor's work and save time, if you pay attention to the following checklist:
  • If your health insurance is covered by AOK, Barmer, DAK etc., a referral slip of the ongoing quarter of the year with the signature of the referring doctor is needed. The box "Überweisung an ..." must be filled in with "Lungen- und Bronchialheilkunde" or "Pneumologie" or "Lungenarzt" or "Internist" or "Innere Medizin".
  • A list of your previous and present medication (also "sprays" and other medication for inhalation) including dosage is very helpful.
  • All recent and older X-rays and CT-scans of the chest. If possible, you should fetch those from your GP/the hospital/the radiologist.
  • All existing medical reports.
  • A list of previous diseases and operations.