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Praxis Dr. Rudolf Schnell

Neuhauser Str. 15,80331 München
My praxis is located central in downtown Munich
+49 89 225911

Opening hours

Mon., Thu.  8 - 12 am and 3 - 5:30 pm
Tue. 9 - 12 am and 3 - 5:30 pm
Wed., Fr. 9 - 12 am


Radiological diagnostic of the respiratory system:

This examination yields a “picture” of the lung and the airways.

In this way the anatomical appearance can be visualized. Pneumonias, pleural effusions, tumors, emphysema, lung-fibrosis etc. can be identified or excluded

We use modern X-ray-technology, which ensures low radiation-exposure.

CT-Scans and nuclear medical methods (perfusion szinigraphy etc.) are not carried out in my praxis. We have close cooperation with radiological institutes, which provide these services.
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