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Blood gas analysis

Blood gas analysis, gas check, evaluation of the oxygen content in the blood.

By this test we can check, if the oxygen content in the patients blood is in a normal range.

Transport of oxygen into the blood is the most important function of the respiratory system. Damage of these organs can lead to shortage of oxygen in the body.

For the analysis we have to take a drop of blood from the hyperemisized earlobe.

If needed the analysis can be carried out at rest, under defined exerise or after insufflation of oxygen.

Patients who are treated with oxygen continuously (LOT) have to be controlled by this test regularly.

The analysis of acid-base-balance is a further reason for this test (i.e. in patients with a “neo-bladder” after resection of the bladder for cancer).

For children a modified painless test without “prick” can be offered.
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