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A sleep-apnea-syndrome might be suspected if:
Snoring or breathing-stops during sleep are realized (regularly by the partner), and/or excessive sleepiness exists in the morning or during daytime and/or the patient feels tired and shattered in the morning.

Schlaf Apnoe DiagnostikBy a special recording device equipped with divers sensors, which is applied by the patient himself at his home before he goes to bed after he was instructed in the praxis, such sleep related breathing disorders can be diagnosed very well.

This procedure is also done in patients with hypertension or cardiac arrhythmias during nighttimes and otherwise unexplainable sleep-disturbances.
Patient, who got already treatment of a diagnosed sleep-apnea-syndrome with a breathing mask (“nasal-CPAP-therapy”) can have controlled the optimal settings of their respirator.
At the morning after the recording the device will be brought back to the praxis, the data are read out, analysed and discussed together with the patient. If necessary the next steps are initiated.

Please tell my reception, that you make an appointment to sort out a suspicion of sleep-apnea-syndrome, to reserve a device for you on the day of your appointment. So an additional date can be saved.
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